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- My Mission -

To build emotional connections between people and places through imagery regardless of whether have ever been there before. 

Continue to search for ways to utilize my craft to engage or contribute to the community.

- How I got here and why I love what I do -

My interest in photography began while in the darkroom during my senior year of high school. As a graduation gift, my parents gave me a Pentax K-1000, which became my traveling companion for years to come.

I received an Associates Degree in Graphic Communications Design followed by a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of Florida.

It was only after working for an airline in their marketing department did the thought of traveling ever come to mind. I had no idea that traveling and photographing could be this perfect balance for me. One gives motivation to the other. 

It is hard to explain but you can be looking at the same thing but it is a whole new experience once you get a lens between your eye and that thing you are looking at. It is mesmerizing. The world stands still for sometimes an incredible amount of time.

My love for photography continued to grow and in 2003 I created Barbara Allen Photography with the quest of sharing and expanding my art.

I still work for a major airline stationed out of Los Angeles for the past 10 years. Truth be told getting on airplanes on my time off does not intrigue me so I started spending more time in Los Angeles where I began selling my art to boutique hotels.

As I work less and less with the airline,  I spend more time in Pompano Beach, where I have the same great appreciation for my community I've had since I moved there almost 20 years ago. Sharing my visions and perspective of the areas I love and know are the most rewarding pleasures of all. 


OFFER VALUE -  ask  first how can I help my customer

BE HONEST AND RELIABLE -  do what I say I will do

RESPECT THE ENVIRONMENT - take only photos and leave only footprints

HELP THE COMMUNITY - donate to worthy causes

SUPPORT AMERICA - use made in America products 

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