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Custom Merchandise Orders

I offer many products via an online shopping cart from most galleries.

This page is dedicated for those who wish to order customized merchandise where we can add a company logo, slogan or include words from the heart. Here you can also buy at wholesale prices.


Realizing your time is valuable I try to make ordering as simple as possible. I am always open to new ideas or ways of doing things.

Finding the image ID & description >>>>>>>

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Different ways to communicate your order:

1) Email or Text: barbaraallenphotography@live.com  | 954 501-5054 

2) Call:  (954) 501-5054 

3) Via website: Make a comment below the image.

I will need to know: which image on which product, how many and if there are any graphics (logos) or text to be included.  

What happens next:

I will generate your order request and once approved I will invoice you and send your order out for production.

If orders involve the placement of graphics or custom text, online design proofs will be generated for approval prior to placing order

Delivery and turn around:  If you are local I will hand deliver at no extra charge otherwise flat rate priority mail will be added. Turn around for all orders range from 7-14 days, see item description.

Knowing your intended use for products will help me package your products so they look their best and to be most practical for you.

No sales tax on merchandise resold with a valid resale certificate number or for out of state shipments. California businesses please complete form BOE-230.

Download my product information sheet: HERE

Greeting Card

Product ID GC57

A 4"x6" metallic print affixed to a folded 5x7 card with embossed framing.

1-50    $3.50 each

51-99  $3.00 each

100+   $2.00 each

Blank inside, includes envelopes, minimum order 15 any image combination, turn around  7-10 days. 

Greeting Card Press Printed

Product ID GC57P -folded  / 57F - flat         

5”x7”   Press printed image on (folded or flat) smooth white 120lb card stock.

$87.50/set, $3.50/card (1-3 sets)

$67.50/set, $2.75/card (4 or more sets)

sold in sets of 25 (same image), custom printing available, includes envelopes, turn around 2-3 weeks


Product ID NC45  

4.25”x5.5”   Press printed onto (folded or flat) smooth white 120lb card stock.

$81.25/set, $3.25/card (1-3 sets)

$62.50/set, $2.50/card (4 or more sets)

sold in sets of 25 (same image), custom printing available, white envelopes included, turn around 1-2 weeks


Product ID NP48, NP58, NP1114

4x8           $36

5x8           $38

11x14      $50

The cover is printed on Classic Felt press paper with white border. Fifty Interior pages printed on luxurious text paper.

sold in sets of 2, spiral or tear-off, custom printing available, turn around 1-2 weeks


Product ID PC46  

4"x6"  Press printed image on 15pt card stock

$1 each

other sizes available please contact for pricing

sold in sets of 50 (same image), custom printing available, no envelopes, turn around 2 weeks priority, 4 weeks standard.


Product ID's  MH33, Mh23, Mf35, Mf25

$3.00-$5.00 /each                   Product ID

Hard   3"x3"              $5.00          Mh33

Hard  2"x3"                $4.00          Mh23

Flexible 3.5"x5"         $4.00          Mf35

Flexible 2.5"x3.5"      $3.00          Mf23  (Images sold on sets of 2)

Two different materials. Hard is the more traditional souvenir type magnet and Flexible is thinner and bendable.

5 order minimum hard or flex. Any image combination, except where noted, custom printing available, turn around 8-12 days. 

Wall Art

Images of the local area on your walls is a great way to create an ambiance that encompasses the local scene. Pricing is dependant on the medium and size needed.

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